Modi’s Office is Available on OLX for Sale

4 men were arrested for putting India's PM office for sale on a buying-and-selling platform

Karachi: Is there a buyer because Modi’s office is available on OLX for sale.

An advertisement has been put up, according to media reports, an attempt has been made to sell the office of Indian Prime Minister Modi.

India’s PM office, in Varanasi constituency, was asked to be sold on OLX and the price of the office was set at Rs 75 million. After the advertisement on OLX, many people expressed their desire to buy Modi’s office. When the case came to light, the police arrested four people on the charge and are now investigating why they did it.

The news caused panic among the security agencies and the Modi government. Indian security agencies, cybercrime, sold Modi’s office on OLX. Investigate the advertisement, after which the security agencies have arrested some people.

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