The Newly Elected US President has chosen a Pakistani as his ‘Climate Advisor’

The highest-ranking Pakistani descent is overjoyed for being selected

Karachi: Biden, who was recently elected US President, selected Ali Zaidi, a 33-year-old Pakistani national, as a “leading climate expert and longtime advisor to the president-elect,” mentioned in the press release issued by Biden’s transition team.

According to the International News Agency, US President Joe Biden has announced the appointment of key members of his Climate team, including Pakistan-born Ali Zaidi, who will serve as the White House’s Climate Advisor.

Ali Zaidi is currently serving as New York’s Deputy Secretary of Energy and Environment, but with the new assignment, he will be the highest-ranking Pakistani-American in the Biden administration.

Ali Zaidi, a Pakistani descent, wrote in his tweet: “I was floored when President-elect Joe Biden called” and continued to explain his overwhelming happiness saying, “I still am profoundly humbled” and “deeply honored.”

He was overjoyed and immediately replied that he would humbly consider it an honor.

Ali Zaidi, a native of Istanbul, will work under Gina McCarthy, who runs the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under former President Barack Obama, to coordinate the country’s climate agenda.


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