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Facebook took a toll on the iPhone for marginalizing small businesses

The social network launched a "Speak up for small businesses" web page

Karachi: Facebook took a toll on the iPhone that small companies would be affected by the manufacturer’s recent measures on data collection and personalized advertisements.

The controversy between the tech companies focuses on updates to the new iteration of the iOS operating software from Apple, which contains a transparency monitoring feature that Facebook says would cripple its ability to deliver targeted advertising.
Many of Facebook’s advertisers are small businesses, and say that they rely on user data to generate ads in ways that make them more relevant and likely to make money.
In a conference call, Facebook vice president of business products Dan Levy said, “This is about control of the whole internet and how they try to control personalized advertising.”
In order to prove its case, the social network brought full-page newspaper advertising in major cities and launched a “Speak up for small businesses” web page.

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