Saudi Arabia suspends all international passenger flights temporarily

The decision to suspend flights could be extended for more than a week

Karachi: According to the foreign news agency, the Saudi Interior Ministry has issued a statement that the flights have been temporarily suspended for a week.

According to the notification, the decision to suspend flights could be extended for more than a week.

The Ministry of Health has reported that the wave of the new type of coronavirus is spreading rapidly in different countries. Final information about the virus has not yet been obtained.

According to the Saudi Interior Ministry, except for certain circumstances, foreign airlines operating in the kingdom will be allowed to fly.

A statement issued by the Interior Ministry said that those who have come from any European or country where the epidemic has spread since December 8, 2020, should take the following steps:

Such people should quarantine themselves at home for two weeks. Have a corona test during quarantine and repeat this test every 5 days.

The notification to suspend Saudian flights

People who have come from a European or a country where the epidemic has spread within the last 3 months should get a corona test immediately.

Imports from countries that have not been infected with the new coronavirus will continue as usual.


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