Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid’s major decision to reform the issuance of passports

Karachi: The Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid said that immigration officers have to be recalled and new officers have to be appointed. From now on, passports will be issued for ten years while from January 1, passport assistance will be extended to 10 years.

Federal Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed on the occasion of his visit to the Passport Office said that he has set a target of 120 days and directed to recall all the officers within a month.

He said that a new e-passport system will be introduced and besides, passport SMS service is also going to be launched. This digital system will revolutionize the entire process of passport issuance as the passport holder will be informed through message before the end of passport assistance.

The ECL has instructed to reduce the blacklist, only those who are involved in anti-state activities should be blacklisted.

Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has assured that the sale and purchase of smuggled petrol will come to an end this week.

Talking about PDM, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said that there is no truth in Maulana Sahib’s talk of withdrawing security. Maulana Fazlur Rehman is just using PML-N as a tool.

“Maulana is the root of all riots” Rasheed exclaimed.

He said that PDM will participate in the Senate elections while “MQM is our ally”.

All I can say about the PPP is that the party is playing in a better position, but I can only ask Fazlur Rehman to have mercy on politics and the country.

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