Tom Cruise builds a COVID-free studio to complete Mission: Impossible 7

The release of the film has already been delayed in the wake of coronavirus

Karachi: Hollywood superstar, well-known action hero and filmmaker Tom Cruise is currently shooting for his new film ‘Mission Impossible 7’ and has reportedly established a COVID-free studio to finish his upcoming blockbuster.

The release of the film has already been delayed in the wake of coronavirus, while Tom Cruise has been criticized for being harsh and harsh on staff SOPs, and he is constantly in the news.

The film is the seventh film in Tom Cruise’s action series ‘Mission Impossible’ and is slated to release on November 19, 2021, but Corona is finding it difficult to complete it on time, before shooting in Italy. The 12 staff members also had to stop work after Corona tested positive.

According to British media, Cruise has set up a ‘COVID Secure Studio’ at a former military base in the south of England to continue shooting of the film without any delay, where the rest of the shooting of the film will be completed in a complete corona proof environment.

According to reports, the Hollywood superstar wants to complete the shooting of the film as soon as possible without any interruption and he is spending millions of dollars on this.

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