Congress announces Biden’s victory after deadly riot at the Capitol

Vice President Mike Pence declared, on Thursday that Joe Biden has won the election and is now elected as the President of America. 

The announcement was made after the counting of the Electoral College votes. however, on Wednesday, Biden’s inauguration unfolded into chaos as angry Trump supporters stormed the Capitol in order to halt the process.

The counting was interrupted by the pro-Trump mob and consequently resulted in disgraceful violence leaving 4 people dead.

However, the police took control of the situation and evacuated the Senate floor.

Afterward, President Trump was in denial and did not accept his loss and labeled the election in his tweet as “stolen” which later was restricted by Twitter.

Foreign media accused Trump of escalating the violence and motivating his supporters to “walk over” to the Capitol.

Mr. Trump had said that VP Mike Pence has the authority to revoke the results of the “stolen” election but Pence, on Wednesday, defied Trump and said that he could not alter the outcome.


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