Ministers are free to resign, PM Imran Khan warns

Karachi: Prime Minister Imran Khan asserted on Tuesday that “if they [ministers] disagree, they are allowed to leave their ministry”.

Khan was addressing the federal cabinet said that “ministers should demonstrate some ownership towards the decisions of the government” he added.

Premier Imran Khan bemoaned that no reforms could be established even after two years in the state institutions.

“The system of governance could not be enhanced either,” premiere continued.

Adviser on Institutional Reforms and Austerity Ishrat Hussain, according to the details, apprised the members of the conference about the condition of state institutions during the meeting.

The prime minister, according to the sources, also summoned a summary on the performance of the ministry of law for judicial reform.

In the meeting, many cabinet members also put up concerns about bringing reforms to the system of governance in various institutions and inquired about the accountability of those involved.

To which the PM explained that all the ministers will have to enhance their performance.

He also proposed his ministers to formulate a short yet detailed report on matters pertaining to state institutions that can be showed to the public.

According to sources, PM Imran Khan also informed his ministers that they are free to withdraw from their posts if they go against PTI policies.

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