Petroleum products likely to rise by Rs 5 to 7 per liter

Karachi: The Khan-led government, today, is likely to increase the rate of petroleum commodities by Rs 5 to 7 per liter. A report of The Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has been sent to Prime Minister Imran Khan as he is the ultimate authority to make the decision.

Prices of petroleum products are likely to surge again by Rs 5 to Rs 7.

According to the summary by the authority, the cost of petrol has been bolstered by Rs 13.7 per liter, high speed diesel by Rs 11.3 per liter, kerosene by Rs 10.55 per liter whereas the light diesel by Rs 15.33 per liter.

It is also proposed to levy 17% GST and levy Rs 30 on the prices of petroleum commodities.

The Summary of rising in rates of petroleum products taken to PM Imran Khan for the final verdict today

However, it is being speculated that the prices may be heightened by Rs 5 to 7.

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