WhatsApp assures customers: no account will be deleted

Karachi: after triggering a so much debate and resentment among people over new privacy policy WhatsApp turned to their official social handles and thanked everyone for reaching out.

After receiving so much backlash by the users for sharing customer data to Facebook, WhatsApp assured that they will not delete and suspend any account on 8 February.

WhatsApp officials said, “We’re still working to counter any confusion by communicating directly with @WhatsApp users.”

WhatsApp also confirmed that “No one will have their account suspended…” and “we’ll be moving back our business plans until after May”.

Earlier, this month WhatsApp introduced its latest privacy policy, forcing every user to agree to the terms and conditions and announcing to delete the account if not ‘agreed’.

After which people grew outrageous and started to move to other messaging apps that are more privacy-focused like signal and telegram.

Thanks to Elon Musk for his nugget of information who took to Twitter to and suggested ‘use signal’ application.

And these two words were enough by the richest person on the planet, Musk, to shift WhatsApp users to Signal application.

Here are some comments on the announcement by WhatsApp:

While some said ‘it’s time to fight back’.

The users of the app commented that ” WhatsApp threatens to delete the accounts for not accepting the policy after which people switched to other apps and Facebook-owned application had to take a U-turn after losing its user base.



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