Abdul Qavi no more “Mufti”

Karachi: After a video went viral of Maulvi Abdul Qavi being slapped by Hareem Shah, the “honor of Mufti” is withdrawn by Abdul Qavi on Saturday.

Maulana Abdul Wahid allegedly took his mobile phone away because of his inflammatory comments and acts that were attacked on multiple social media sites.

Maulana Abdul Wahid said Qavi’s controversial stunts are being condemned by the globe and “psychiatric treatment” will be offered to him.

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A viral video of TikToker Hareem Shah slapping Ruet-e-Hilal Committee member Mufti Abdul Qavi was released on social media earlier this week.

The Mufti can be witnessed in the video seated on a bed, using his cell phone, as a lady, clad in red, surprises him by slapping him across her forehead.

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