Quarrel ensued between Ali Zaidi and Murad Ali Shah

Both the ministers seek PM's intervention after a dustup

Karachi: After a spat amid a meeting of the Karachi coordination committee, Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah and Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Ali Zaidi, on 16 January, wrote complaint letters to Prime Minister Imran Khan.

News emerged on Saturday regarding a quarrel between the two ministers at the meeting, after which Ali Zaidi and Murad Ali shah penned letters to the PM in order for him to intervene in the matter.

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Ali Zaidi turned to Twitter to shed light on the subject, in a series of tweets, as to what led to the heated debate between him and Murad Ali Shah, saying “I requested CM Sindh to include the devolution of org’s like SBCA & SWWMB to divisional levels as committed by him months ago in the minutes, he replied.”

He continued that “if Mr. Know it all feels he’s not even answerable to elected members of the National Assembly, then there was no further need for me to waste my time sitting in that meeting.”

Ali Zaidi said in a tweet that he “walked out” after Murad Ali Shah uttered, ‘I’m not answerable to you’ 3 times”.

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After the argument, Murad Ali Shah wrote the letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan regarding the “unruly conduct of Mr. Ali Haider Zaidi” much to the chagrin of the Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs who said that this letter showed nothing “but arrogance and conceit”.

Here is another Ali Zaidi’s Tweet.

Zaidi also shared his response to Murad Ali Shah’s complaint letter.

Shah, in his complaint letter, penned that he was lodging his protest with the prime minister and awaits “some action”.

He further wrote in the letter that he “expects” some “maturity” in the future.

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