Hutchison Ports Pakistan Sets another Record for Handling Maximum TEUs on a Single vessel

Karachi: Hutchison Ports Pakistan is proud to have another record for handling the maximum number of TEU’s on a single vessel, achieving yet another memorable milestone.

For the first time in Pakistan, a container terminal has handled 9,334 TEU’s – total units 5419, with a VOR of 149.49 moves per hour, and in a total time of 36.92 hours. Hutchison Ports Pakistan is committed to taking the Nation’s economy to new heights.

General Manager and Head of Hutchison Ports Pakistan, Captain Syed Rashid Jamil said in a statement, “We are delighted to be in a position to accomplish previously unheard-of milestones, and aim to continue breaking new ground as the country heads towards a more prosperous future.

The dream of transforming Karachi into a prime South Asian hub for trade and transport activities is closer to becoming reality than ever before

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