PM Imran Khan recieves calls from public

Karachi: On Monday, Prime Minister Imran Khan held a session in which people called in order to talk to the PM. The session is televising on different channels.

In response to a question, PM Imran Khan said that the Corona vaccine has arrived in Pakistan today, and the vaccine will reach every individual that qualifies the criterion. Our priority is to first vaccinate patients that need it the most. Health workers to be vaccinated against coronavirus first.

A caller asked Premiere what if the Dream of ‘Medina Riyasat’ remains unfulfilled to which PM started off by saying “I had no political background”.

He also gave a message to the youngsters to remain determined on achieving their goals “because the world will discourage you to do the unconventional.” and went on to say “after a constant struggle, I came became the Prime Minister”

“The nation that followed the golden rules of the state of Madina succeeded” he added.

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