Kashmir solidarity day: People still live without human rights

There is a heaven on earth called Kashmir but despite its natural beauty, the region has been the ground of battle and has been burning for more than seven decades.

For several years the inhabitants have been subject to violence and brutality of the Indian military forces without being noticed by those who make the international decisions.

After 1947, the Indian armed forces forcefully usurped Kashmiris’ right to live a peaceful life.

When India moved to strip the region of its autonomy on 5 August, the valley became a conflict zone where thousands of more troops are deployed and a curfew bringing daily life to a standstill.

Phone lines and internet access are shut down cutting them off from the outside world. Thousands of people lost their lives and no one to hold accountable.

However, the truth is not hidden from the world. It’s a shame how India is openly violating.

Indian authorities are scrupulously keeping a lid on displays of freedom of expression, suppressing the native people in every way possible. However, the tyrant Indian forces despite their ruthless efforts, cant change how Kashmiris feel.

The abuses vary from mass killings, torture, enforced disappearances, sexual abuse to political repression, and suppression of freedom of speech.

Indian authorities have been insisting and constantly been declaring that it is an “integral part of India”. This declaration is a barefaced non-compliance to the UN’s framework aim to harmonize and enforce peace in the world.

This is why India failed to become an indelible member of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC).

After a resolution by the UN, Pakistan had withdrawn their forces now, but both the countries went at it on each other. India is still reluctant to let go of the region.

To world chagrin, the resolution of the UN was not acted upon and the Kashmiris are being forced, mugged, brutalized, martyred, raped, and ignored for more than 7 decades. People of beautiful Valley still struggle for freedom and calls for the world to support them.

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