Pakistani mountaineer Sadpara goes missing during expedition

GILGIT: Pakistani famous mountaineer Muhammad Ali Sadpara, who was accompanied by two other climbers from Iceland and Chile went missing during their winter climb on K2.

The 3-member expedition has not been established since Saturday.

According to Shigar district Assistant Commissioner Waqas Johar that a rescue operation has been launched, on Saturday to search for the missing climbers.

He also said that high altitude porters are on the way to Camp-1 to rescue. “They will spend the night there and will start their search operation by tomorrow morning.”

The Alpine Adventure Guides turned to Twitter to inform about the latest development.

Shigar district Assistant Commissioner Waqas Johar also said that Sajid Sadpara, Pakistani mountaineer’s son, is now descending from Camp-1, “Unfortunately, no news about the missing climbers yet,” he regretted.

According to the report the rescue team has embarked on the search and asked to take the helicopter as high as possible to maximize the ability to find the missing mountaineers.

Earlier, famous mountain climber Muhammad Ali Sadpara, on Saturday, had successfully climbed the second-highest mountain in the world and proudly hoisted Pakistan’s flag over K2.

Regardless of the delay that occurred owing to the malfunctioning oxygen regulator, Sajid had to abort his ascent, Sajid managed to climb up and hoist the green crescent flag over K2 and also shared the tweet about the achievement, he wrote “Praise be to God! Climbed the world’s second-largest mountaineer and waved the Pakistani flag.”

Earlier, Skatov is the second climber to die on K2’s slopes this season after a Spanish mountaineer fell to his death last month.

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