Human Trafficking: Case filed against Yahyas & Mir Shakeel

Karachi: A Pakistani lady filed a lawsuit in which she implicated the Yahya family and their Pakistani associates, Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman, owner of the GEO/Jang party.

The woman, Rehana Bibi, says that Mir Shakeel-ur-Rehman hired her for engaging in human trafficking.

according to the 46-year-old lady, assumed that her career in America would start off with a trip to Disneyland and finish with a well-paid job, according to the Washington Post website.

She said, though, that she was moving to California. She said that she spent the next five years essentially stuck at home in Loudoun County, working relentlessly until she returned in 2013. She added that she was paying a sum of around $25,000.

In an interview, she revealed that “I have not seen anybody in my life, not even in Pakistan”

She recalled the time when she cooked, cleaned, and cared for three children for Yahya’s family and was taking care of an elderly relative. She also revealed that Yahyas did not allow her to eat.

As per the international news source, Bibi complaint that she was did not attend the wedding of two daughters and was refused when she tried to take permission to leave for Pakistan.

She was made to sleep on the basement floor and was living in storage infested with insects.

Rehana Bibi claimed she didn’t know English while she was illegally made to live in the country. Her visa was only good for one year. The family also threatened Bibi and never granted permission to go out alone, saying that she would be arrested if she tried to reach out to the police.


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