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10 most annoying things people say to you

Remember the last time someone commented about something that made you so annoyed?

Well, almost every day we encounter things we don’t appreciate much. People along the lines don’t realize what they are saying and how it’s going to affect others – but they say it anyway. And if you are one of those who say random stuff to people, then you might want to stop saying that! because people might get really annoyed.

Here are the ten things people randomly say to you that annoys you so much.

1. You don’t look fine.

This utterance is going to have a negative impact on you unless you’re someone who always wants people to take pity on you. People without realizing that this comment will not make you any better, say it to show as if they care. But otherwise, they are putting you down. This comment can actually make them feel unhealthy if even they are fine.

2. You look different/You’ve changed

This comment is way too vague. when people say this to you, you keep guessing if this “different” is good or bad. There may be a number of reasons they said it to you. Perhaps, they notice you’ve gained weight or lost it, or maybe they have noticed your skin looks dull or bright. whatever the reason is, this is not a good comment if you want to compliment anyone. Be more specific or else don’t say it at all.

3. Don’t be sad!

If humans came with a button to choose from a wide range of emotions then it would have been easier to stop being sad. But since humans are not robots, they can’t stop being sad even if they are sad about something so petite. If you really want someone to stop feeling sad, then do something that would cherish them.

4. You are shy

People assume that being shy is something negative. However in reality there are different types of people with different personality traits. Some are too open while others are not – and it’s nothing wrong. Maybe someone is like that because they are introverted or maybe for other reasons. Don’t say this to anyone because it’s who they are.

5. You’re wrong

Some people just love to be liar detectors and say that others are wrong. Suspecting what people say is the most annoying habit they can have. Saying this in a straightforward manner could result in negatively affecting relationships. Even if you catch someone lying don’t ever say that they are wrong. Because there is more than one way to look at things. but if you can’t resist the itch to prove someone wrong ask them several questions relating to the topic this way the liar would surrender in the end or perhaps you’ll be more clear whether they are wrong or right.

6. This is nothing

Just because you’re not going through the same doesn’t mean you should declare someone experience as “Nothing”. Experiences are different, they are individual. Never say people what they are suffering from

7. You’re over-reacting

No wonder, there are some people who go overboard with expressing their emotions and are always whining about what happened to them. But there are some genuine people who don’t say a lot about how life is treating them. They only confide in those who they can really trust. Before saying that they are being “overreacting” listen to them carefully and think how you’d have reacted if you were them. Try to console them.

8. You’re too sensitive

Sometimes when we see somebody cry – we instantly tag them as being emotional or too sensitive. But what we don’t know behind those tears is that they have been pulling themselves together. Don’t undermine their emotions just because you are not ready to listen to them.

9. Everything’s gonna be alright

When things get clearly out of hand, saying “everything’s gonna be alright” won’t much do any favors. If you find anyone harping on about what might happen to them, tell them to relax because worrying won’t change anything.

10. Women are bad drivers

This might be true, but hey don’t undermine their ability! in Pakistan women can be bad drivers since they are usually exposed to the vehicle quite late. But there are women who can drive better than some men. The reason why women don’t become great drivers is either because they dedicatedly follow the rules or perhaps they don’t get to drive that often.

Practice makes a man perfect, or maybe women in this case.

Bonus. Boys don’t cry!

Humans. are. not. robots.

When we say this to our young kids their concept of “crying” becomes fogged up and they start to view it as a completely negative thing. This also builds up so much pressure on men so much so that they start to keep every emotion to them. They bottle up their feelings and as a result, their emotions channel in the wrong way and they end up venting them on the wrong people!

Our society associates ideas with gender. Saying women can do this and men can’t do that or vice-a-versa. however in reality by saying this we are hindering their abilities

Have you ever heard any of these annoying things? how does that make you feel?

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