Health Workers in Lahore Contract Coronavirus after Vaccination

LAHORE: Three health workers, despite being vaccinated, contracted the coronavirus in Lahore.

The hospital sources informed that a doctor, head nurse and ward in charge had recently tested positive for the virus, whereas they had been vaccinated a few days before.

The doctor had been vaccinated on 23 February and had coronavirus symptoms 5 days later, while the head nurse and the ward in charge had been vaccinated at the start of the coronavirus vaccine and had symptoms of the virus after 15 days.

To date, 1,100 health employees have officially been vaccinated against coronavirus at Mayo Hospital.

Pakistan Medical Association Lahore President Dr. Ashraf Nizami, meanwhile, said that no vaccine promises 100% results. All can abide by the health guidelines and keep themselves healthy, he said.

The primary and secondary health department spokesperson said that antibodies begin to develop 14 days after the first dose of coronavirus vaccine, so it is necessary to take precautions even after vaccination.

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