The government raises the price of kerosene by Rs3.42

The light diesel rate increases by Rs2.19 per litre.

ISLAMABAD: The government raised kerosene and light diesel oil (LDO) tariffs on Monday, the new rates will be effective from today.

The price of kerosene oil was boosted by Rs3.42 per litre, from Rs80.19 to Rs83.61, by the government.

Within the fortnightly market adjustment process, the premiums will be in place for the next two weeks.

It also lifted the price of LDO by Rs2.19 per litre, from Rs 79.23 to Rs 81.42 per litre.

The nation, on the other hand, made no improvements to the prices of gasoline and high-speed diesel (HSD).

The HSD is used in agriculture and transportation, so the government’s decision not to change its price would have an effect.

The government has kept the current 116.08 per litre mark. It has also retained the petrol price at Rs 111.90 a litre.

Kerosene oil is commonly used by the poor in rural areas and hilly areas where Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is not usable for cooking. In industry, the LDO is used.

Despite having very little fiscal space, the government agreed to keep the prices of gasoline and high-speed diesel the same, according to the article.

Nevertheless, since no Petroleum Levy (PL) was paid on kerosene oil and light diesel oil, their prices were slightly increased by Rs3.42 per litre and Rs2.19 per litre, respectively, owing to a substantial rise in foreign petroleum product prices, according to the statement.


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