Sherry Rehman lashes out Govt over high Trade Deficit

The senartor resorted to use hashtag ‘#TabahiSarkar’ in her tweet

Senator Sherry Rehman, the leader of the Pakistan Peoples Party, threw criticism at the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) government on Thursday over the intense increase in the country’s trade deficit.

According to the information, the Senator said in her tweet that while oil prices in the international market have fallen for the fourth day in a row, Pakistan’s trade deficit is growing at a worrying pace.

She said that “Intl. Despite the fact that oil prices have dropped for four days in a row, Pakistan’s trade deficit continues to rise at an alarming pace.”

The Senator was also concerned about the decline in national exports.

She added, “Exports have gone down for the 2nd consecutive month.”

Senator Sherry Rehman added in her tweet that the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) continues to blame high oil prices for inflation.

However, #TabahiSarkar continues to blame high oil prices for rising import bills and food inflation in order to hide serial mismanagement.

It can be noted that Prime Minister Imran Khan expressed hope earlier this week that olive plantations would help Pakistan solve climate change while also increasing exports.

Food security is a serious problem for Pakistan, according to the prime minister, because the country imports sugar, wheat, oil, and ghee. According to him, the problem is compounded by the increasingly increasing population.

He claims that Pakistan spends a lot of money on edible oil imports, which can be reduced by planting olive trees in the country, especially on the Sindh River’s western bank.

Besides that, the PM claimed that the PTI government’s ten billion tree tsunami project’s primary aim is to shield future generations from the impact of climate change.

He also noted that the government is integrating fruit trees into the Ten Billion Tree Tsunami, which will result in new job opportunities. According to him, regions would be scientifically separated into separate zones in order to grow various fruit trees.

Moreover, PM Khan has demanded that the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa use the Miyawaki system of plantation in Peshawar to combat the city’s rising pollution problem.

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