Fashion designer sons stabbed over parking dispute

KARACHI: Over a parking dispute in Karachi’s Pakistan Air Force Falcon Complex housing society, fashion designer Mohammad Moazzam Khan and his two sons were stabbed and wounded with a knife, according to reports.

According to police, the incident occurred on Tuesday evening in the Pakistan Air Force Falcon Complex housing society.

The East Senior Superintendent of Police Sajid Amir Sadozai said a first information report (FIR) had been filed under Sections 324, 337-H (II), and 34 of the Pakistan Penal Code.

According to Station House Officer Iftikhar Ahmed, the incident arose from a parking dispute in which a car was stopped on the street and an objection was raised. According to the cop, a man attacked Moazzam and his two sons, Fahad and Atta, with a small key chain knife during the ensuing scuffle. So far, no arrests have been made.

Jibran Nasir took to Twitter to share the unsettling footage of the scuffle between the men. He shared a series of tweets and wrote in his tweet, “Just saw horrifying video of man named #IbrahimDurrani reportedly son of a Retd Air Comdr stabbing 2 young men with Swiss knife over a parking issue inside #PAFFalconComplex in presence of complex security & left. Injured hospitalised #JusticeForMoazzams

He continued “Video clips showing a man complaining with #IbrahimDurrani that he reversed his car wrong way & hurled abuses when objected and should learn manners, from their the fight escalates to Ibrahim stabbing two boys, 3rd clip has been censored due to graphic nature #JusticeForMoazzams

Moazzam claimed in the FIR, which has a copy of, that he was present in his home on the night of March 16 and went outside after hearing some noise.

Ibrahim Durrani, Moazzam’s next-door neighbor, allegedly used derogatory language against him and stabbed him with a knife with the intent to kill him, inflicting wounds on his head.

According to the news, his sons came out to try to rescue him but were also stabbed by Durrani. Fahad received an ear wound, while Atta was wounded on his back and collapsed.

Khalid Durrani, the alleged assailant’s father, arrived at the scene and encouraged his son to “hit them more,” according to Moazzam. “The knife can be seen in Ibrahim Durrani’s hand on the CCTV footage from the incident,” he said.

A video clip of the initial argument, which was posted on social media, shows a man moaning to the alleged intruder that he had reversed his vehicle in an unacceptable way and uttered expletives when questioned about it.

The altercation had exploded, according to a second video, with the attacker running at two people with his knife, which he had been carrying during the conversation. The video ended with a person lying dead on the ground, with family members and neighbors attempting to resuscitate him.

Despite being wounded himself, Moazzam took his wounded sons to the Aga Khan University Hospital, according to the FIR.

“My wife told me that Ibrahim Durrani had also resorted to aerial fire,” Moazzam said in the FIR, adding that the perpetrator had threatened them with “dire consequences” if they reported the incident to police.

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