Sunita Marshall, Hassan Ahmad’s children’s religion

Sunita Marshall, a Pakistani supermodel, and actor Hassan Ahmad, a lovely showbiz duo of varied religious roots, announced that their children are Muslims.

The SUPERCOUPLE, Sunita Marshall and Hassan Ahmed! – Fizzzzz!

Sunita Marshall, a Christian, and Hassan Ahmad, a Muslim, have been married for over a decade, and their fans love them both on and off-screen.

Ahsan Khan entertained the star couple on his show Time Out with Ahsan Khan the other day. The couple spoke openly about their relationship, engagement, and future plans.

Since Ahmed and Marshall come from separate worlds, they are unlikely to get along. Ahsan Khan, who is Muslim and Sunita is Christian, raised the most important question about their children’s religion.

The Mushq actor mentioned that it is difficult for children to grasp the nuances of multiple faiths, but that their children are Muslim. “Our children are 100 percent Muslim, but we don’t exclude them from participating in other celebrations. They celebrate Christmas the same way my family does,” the 35-year-old model announced.

“My family still had problems with my relationship,” the 38-year-old actor said, commenting on their differences. My dad, on the other hand, has always been a strong supporter of mine. My mum, who is religious, was worried about our future, the children, and so much more…”

When asked about religious differences in their home, the pair admitted that, contrary to popular belief, they do have several problems.

“For example, around Christmas, we decorate the tree and have a certain spot in the house,” Ahmed explained, “but my family disagrees to even have that in our home.”

He continued, “at Christmastime, we decorate the tree and have a designated location in the house,” Ahmed said, “but my family is opposed to doing it in our home.”


Beautiful Pictures of Sunita Marshall with her Family | Pakistani Drama Celebrities

Marshall married Hassan Ahmed in 2009, first in an Islamic ceremony and later in a Catholic ceremony. Raakin Ahmed, a son, and Zynah Ahmed, a girl, are the couple’s twins.

Here is the show in which the beautiful duo.


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