What daily life is like for a world champion boxer?

Of course, there’s glamour in Amir Khan’s life – a summer home in Dubai and luxury clothes galore – but there’s also squabbles over changing nappies and throwing the garbage out.

What evidence do we have? Khan and his wife Faryal Makhdoom revealed in an interview with BBC Three.

Khan, 34, is the face of British boxing; he captured an Olympic silver medal in 2004 and went on to win two world titles.

He also runs his own charity and boxing school, acts as a promoter, and works with one of the sport’s governing bodies in the Middle East.

In the series, Khan and Makhdoom are seen as they juggle their jobs and three young children. It’s still very relatable in several respects. It also documents how relateable his lifestyle is.

“We wanted to show people out there, our fans, the real us,” says the boxer.

“Amir is the fourth child of the household, and he needs more than my one-year-old,” Makhdoom says. Khan has to search which forms of trash go in which bins, and Makhdoom views herself as “the real boss.”

They disagree over stuff like who will look after the kids or who will destroy the pots and pans, as do many couples. However, it is aspirational as well. Khan has a variety of businesses, and Makhdoom is a businesswoman.

In one episode, Makhdoom says, “I’m not just Amir Khan’s life partner.”

She added, “I’m in control of my own life and work.” Throughout the series, she is sent an amazing selection of high-end items, and she needs viewers to see the effort she has put in.

In another episode, the couple purchases a luxurious vacation home in Dubai, which Khan says is related to his appointment as WBC president for the Middle East.

There was some criticism at the time, with critics arguing that flaunting money on social media amid a worldwide pandemic was poor taste.

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