Meera’s mother spreading “fake news”, says Manager

ISLAMABAD: Various news reports emerged on Wednesday night saying actress Meera had been admitted to a psychiatric facility in New York. Her mother, when contacted for comment, said that the claims were true.

The Baaji star, according to Shafqat Zahra, had not only been admitted to a psychiatric facility but was taken there by force. She revealed more information in a video message.

Meera’s mother told that “I received a call from Meera on April 5 and she kept crying,” and added that “She was telling me that the US police id sending her to a psychiatric facility. She did not tell me why they were doing that, but said she repeatedly told them that she was an actor and not mentally ill.”

Zahra claims she hasn’t heard from her daughter since then, and her in-laws are still unaware of her whereabouts. “We did everything we could to figure out why, but we couldn’t. So now I’d like to make a plea to Pakistan’s government to take action. She said, “I have already appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan and Sheikh Rasheed.”

Meera’s manager, Muhammad Qasim, who is based in Pakistan, refuted the allegations that she had been admitted to some facility and clarified why such “false news” had emerged. “Meera is in excellent mental and physical condition, and she is at her home in the United States,” Qasim said.

“It seems that Meera’s mother is circulating rumors in order to settle a personal disagreement, and I have nothing else to say because, after all, she is Meera’s mother.”

Meera is in contact with her father, according to another family member, and there is more to the story than what is being shared on social media.

Imran Abbas took to social media to tell the story of his chat with Meera.

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