Bigg Boss is a ‘useless’ show: Remy Sen

Remy Sen, a season 9 contestant and Bollywood actress on the famous Indian reality show Bigg Boss, has remarked the show “useless.”

Remy Sen, according to Indian media sources, said in a recent interview that “I worked in season 9 of Bigg Boss only because I was offered good money.”

“Before I joined Bigg Boss, I always thought it was a pointless show where people compete over a single cup of coffee for three months,” Remy Sen said.

“I felt the Bigg Boss show was useless,” the Bollywood actress said, “but I came to the Bigg Boss house because of the promise of good money.”

“Big Boss is a well-paid vacation, which is why everybody takes the deal, even though they know the truth,” he said.

“When I entered Bigg Boss’ home, I noticed how the show was messing with Constant’s brain and how it was affecting our mental health,” Remy Sen said.

“Everyone in the Bigg Boss house says mean stuff to other contestants, but I never fight because it is not the answer to the problem; it causes more problems,” the Bollywood actress said.

In a previous interview, Remy Sen said that Bigg Boss had sent him Rs 22.5 million in 49 days.

Remy Sen has also appeared in a number of Bollywood movies, including Manipulation, Hangama, Kevin Ki, Deewane Hoye Paagal, Dhoom, and Gol Mall.

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