Pakistan Tea Association held a meeting with President Fpcci

KARACHI: Pakistan Tea Association delegation and Standing Committee On Tea Fpcci held a meeting with President Fpcci on Saturday at Federation House.

Where the missuse of SRO 450 manufacturing bonds was discussed for re-export.

The delegation informed that this situation is posing a huge challenge for the government of Pakistan in generating revenue.

people only show exports on Paper and Tea does get delivered to Afghanistan while selling in local markets are suffering by legal importers businesses.

It was also highlighted in the meeting that “govt should intervene to treat Bulk Black Tea Import in table 2 of 12th schedule.”

It was added that “instead of table 3 and fix 2 pct for all importers at import stage so misuse by Azad Kashmir firms.” Continuing that “those who take an exemption for as dummy manufacturers and who sell their teas in local markets should be finish or narrow.”

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