Govt to freeze TLP’s assets: reports

ISLAMABAD: Following the ban on the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TLP), the government has begun the process of freezing the proscribed organization’s properties.

Previously, the Ministry of Interior released a notice saying the TLP “is engaged in the insurgency, has behaved in a manner prejudicial to the stability and stability of the region, and is complicit in causing anarchy in the world by threatening the people.”

According to sources, the TLP’s central leadership’s passports and bank accounts will be blocked, and such measures will be done in accordance with Anti-Terrorism Act 1997 law 11-E.

All weapons, according to reports, permit given to the organization’s leadership and employees will be revoked. The State Bank of Pakistan and regional revenue departments will play a role in freezing the organization’s funds.

The government has written to the relevant authority of all four provinces requesting that the party’s properties be frozen.

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