Towing of the stranded ship at Clifton

Karachi: The two anchors have been installed in the ship today while the old one was removed from the shore. The new anchors were installed at a distance of 20 meters.

Moreover, two steel ropes are tied between the ship and the crane barge. It has been decided to use the cobra form to tow the ship

Since a ship as big as 100,000 tons is towed by a cobra rope.

To do that, field boats along with crane barges and tugboats also took part in today’s operation.

However, the towing operation could be halted if the tides are high tomorrow or can resume from Wednesday.

According to the details, the next four to five days are suitable for towing.

The Pits dug for anchors on the coast can be too dangerous for civilians, who come to the beach, are at risk of falling into the pits If not filled properly

A large number of citizens have fallen and died in the pits dug in the past, shipping agent sources said.

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