K-Electric Launches WhatsApp Service for Customer Convenience in the Power sector

Karachi: K-Electric continues to leverage technology and digitization in its business operations with a focus on enhancing customer experience and offering them greater convenience.

Another milestone was achieved in this regard as KE became the first power utility to launch a WhatsApp Service for residential customers in Karachi and adjoining areas.

The 24/7 service has been launched to provide consumers a hassle-free experience with real-time responses.

The fully automated service can be used to lodge technical or billing complaints, obtain duplicate bills as well as income tax certificates, and download the forms for new connections along with a checklist of required documents.

Business operations around the world were impacted with the advent of COVID-19, causing a radical shift towards Alternate Delivery Channels (ADC) including internet and mobile banking for payments and e-commerce transactions.

Reports estimate that phone ownership increased by as much as 10% during 2020, with some estimates noting that almost 77% of utility bills across Pakistan were being paid online.

In the fiscal year FY20-FY21, K-Electric also noted an increase in ADC usage, corresponding to an increase of approximately PKR 7.4 billion in bill payments.

With WhatsApp becoming a mainstream communication tool, it provides a substantial opportunity to connect with customers in real-time.

The WhatsApp service has been launched with the support of Infobip, a global leader in omnichannel communication offering a suite of tools for advanced customer engagement and support. KE and Infobip signed an MoU in July of 2021 to roll out the service to consumers.

Commenting on the launch, Sadia Dada, Chief Marketing and Communication Officer at K-Electric added, “Leveraging technology is enabling businesses to become more agile and resilient in a post-pandemic world.

We prioritize customer convenience and want to provide them with a plethora of services through which they can remain digitally connected with KE for their complaints or queries.

We are constantly exploring innovative ways to revolutionize how we interact with our customers and modernize our digital touchpoints to create a richer, simpler, and more engaging customer experience.”

Raza Abbas, Head of Customer Experience at K-Electric, was elated at the launch of the service, stating “K-Electric is proud to be at the cutting edge of technology and digitization.

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used services in the world and many businesses are incorporating it in their customer engagement strategy.

This addition will strengthen our connection with our consumers and give them the flexibility to reach out to us from anywhere in the world with ease.”

Safder Merchant, Country General Manager for Infobip also stated, “Digital transformation went from being a benefit to a necessity almost overnight, and truly customer-centric companies need to adjust to the new market requirements.

That’s why we are proud that K-Electric is one of the market pioneers in their industry; they recognized the needs of their customers and introduced communication over WhatsApp for Business – customers’ preferred communication channel.”

Connecting with KE through the WhatsApp service is as easy as saying hello to a friend. Consumers simply need to add the number +92-348-0000118 on their phones and message to begin their journey.

They may be prompted to provide their 13-digit KE account number only once, after which they will be registered in the system. The platform is free however, mobile internet data charges from telecommunication service providers may apply.

The 24/7 WhatsApp service is another addition in the suite of existing services for customers including the call center 118, SMS service 8119, KE Live App, and social media platforms.

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