Are you lazy or burnt out? Here are 5 telltale signs

Why do you appear to spend the majority of your time in bed? Have you been lying down and not accomplishing much lately?

Do you consider this type of behaviour to be merely laziness?

As a matter of fact, there is a lot of overlap between burnout and laziness. They can make it difficult to distinguish between the two.

Burnout is a negative state of emotional, bodily, and mental weariness caused by a lack of capacity to cope with stress.

According to one survey, 75% of individuals in the United States alone have encountered burnout characteristics.

To understand the difference between burnout and laziness, look for the signs we’re going to mention in this article.

According to an article published in the Inc. A lazy individual is never in the mood to work. There is no history of involvement or devotion; instead, there is a history of passivity, lack of interest, and idleness.

The article mentioned, that “Burnout happens as a result of too much. Too much work, too much intensity, too much stress.”

And without recharging or resting, you are at a high risk of becoming exhausted which could lead to burnout.

In another article published on the health worker burnout website “being burned out results from chronic stress in an environment that will eventually have physical manifestations in your body if you do not make changes.”

Here are some instances to help you understand more, see if you have these symptoms.

1. Disconnected from Everything

Are you experiencing a persistent feeling of being detached from yourself?

If you’re suffering from burnout, you may not even be aware of it. People who are suffering from depersonalization, particularly those who are dealing with trauma, express a peculiar sense of emotional numbness. They don’t feel engaged by anything and constantly struggle with the overwhelming sense.

2. Fading Motivation

If you look back on the past you see yourself to be motivated and high achieving often excelling in certain areas. But only recently you have become exhausted apathetic and unmotivated, this is probably because you are suffering from burnout and not laziness.

On the flip side, laziness is a character trait that tends to remain stable over time. Lazy people feel like exerting effort.

3. Diminishing Passion

The difference between someone who is burnt out and someone lazy is that the former used to be enthusiastic about things that they no longer are.

Burnout, in general, might make it difficult to accomplish the activities you formerly enjoyed or were enthusiastic about. You may even grow to despise or loathe it as a result of how much you overworked and pushed yourself to the limit as a result of it.

4. Increase in Mood swings and Irritable

Do you suddenly find yourself snappy and easily irritated? Do you often feel emotionally out of control nowadays and don’t know why?
Moodiness and irritability are common, but often overlooked signs of burnout.
So, if you’re having difficulties managing your emotions, especially if it wasn’t previously an issue for you, this might be the cause. Lazy individuals, on the other hand, are typically quite peaceful, laid back, placid, and unaffected by anything, which is a sharp contrast to this.

5.  Neglecting self-care

If you start ignoring self-care and socially retreat from others, this is one of the most disturbing warning signs that you may be emotionally and physically burned out. Changes in your eating and/or sleeping habits are worrying.
You stop grooming yourself or trying to appear attractive, and you spend most of your time alone doing nothing. The distinction between burnout and laziness lies in the fact that you weren’t always like this.

Take Away

When you recognize the indications of burnout early on, it’s much simpler to get treatment and recover. That’s why it’s critical to increase awareness of burnout rather than dismissing it as laziness, as many people do.
So, if you are or anyone you know may be suffering from mental or emotional burnout, please don’t hesitate to seek a mental health care professional today and talk to them about it.

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