Celebrities Take on Rabia Anum’s Exit from Nida’s Show

The famous actress Mishi Khan shared her views regarding Rabia Anum’s exit from Nida Yasir’s morning show

Recently on Nida Yasir’s morning show; the anchor and host, Rabia Anum decided to leave the show in between because of the actor Mohsin Abbas Haider’s presence.

Mohsin is accused of domestic violence against his ex-wife. Rabia Anum protested, apologized to Nida Yasir and walked out of the show.

Later that day, the veteran actress Mishi Khan took to Instagram to share her views regarding Rabia Anum’s exit from the show.

She said in a video message that, “You (Rabia) had ample time to walk out before going live rather this awful move,”

On the other hand, the popular actress Mira Sethi defended Rabia’s stance and replied to Mishi Khan saying, “What Rabia Anum did was not in ‘bad taste.’ She excused herself from a live show, and refused to share space with a man accused of domestic violence. It’s called protest. And it’s far more powerful than quietly slinking away from the makeup room.”

Upon Mira’s response, Mishi Khan again responded and reinstated her point of view saying, “Thank you Mira Sethi for your response. I really respect your opinion but I [will] stick to mine that it was in bad taste.”

Mishi further added, “You know if someone like that [Haider] has come on a show, someone who you’ve stood up against, you can walk out before and it’s still called a protest.”

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