Covid Cases Take a Toll in China Again

Covid Cases are rising again in China and Beijing’s authority asked the schools to remain closed during this time

China is again hit by a Covid wave as the cases are increasing every day with a new peak.

Different areas are getting affected such as Zhengzhou and Chongqing with many cases flaring up.

These areas reported more than 26,000 Covid cases.

Earlier, China’s southern city Guangzhou reported a record breaking Covid cases peak that they didn’t experience since April.

In Guangzhou, the government ordered a five-day lockdown, with schools shutting down along with parks, cinemas, theatres and clubs.

The citizens of Guangzhou were not happy with yet another lockdown and protested with their voices on Chinese platform Weibo.

The capital of China, Beijing reported 962 Covid cases. It is severe in Chaoyang district where the authorities have asked schools to close down, and students to stay home and study online.

The district have asked all citizens to stay at home and continue their work from home.

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