Uncertainty Revolves Around PakVsEng Test Match

The first test match between Pakistan and England cricket teams oozes uncertainty as the English cricketers got sick

As the historic Pakistan Vs England match is near, difficult things keep happening along the way.

England team that touched down at Islamabad airport this week has fallen ill.

The English cricketers started feeling unwell and told the team officials about their condition.

The doctor checked the team and revealed that the issue seems to be about viruses rather than food poisoning.

The players are resting well in their spaces and trying to recover as soon as possible for the upcoming matches that are planned and much anticipated.

The officials from both Pakistan and England are deciding whether they should postpone the first match or not.

However, the officials are discussing a 24 hour delay to the first match between Pakistan and England.

Cricket fans and Pakistani cricketers are all rooting for the speedy recovery of the English team.

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