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‘One-Pot Chicken Korma” Tasty UK sparked funny reactions on Twitter

“One-Pot Chicken Korma”, a recipe video from the well-known online food channel Tasty UK, was tweeted. It calls for rice, raisins, and spinach. Desi Twitterati came together over the dishonour of their cherished national cuisine after learning the recipe and name.

The name “one-pot” gave the impression that perhaps they were attempting something novel, but we never in our wildest imaginations imagined this creative blasphemy against the cherished qorma.

We don’t know who created this tiny abomination, but it caused even the neighbouring nations to get together and denounce this denigration of our ethnic cuisine.

Twitterati is not enjoying a certain video that has gone viral lately, essentially showing a ‘whitewashed’ version of the famous desi dish ‘chicken korma’, which finds its origins in the Indian subcontinent.

Twitter users are not pleased with a recent viral video that essentially depicts a “whitewashed” version of the popular Pakistani dish “Chicken Qorma”.

The viral video, shared by ‘Tasty UK’, displays a rather bizarre preparation — nearly a potpourri of many ingredients, including rice on a frying pan.

In the video, the chef is seen first tossing two sliced onions in some oil, then he adds two garlic cloves, two chicken breasts, two chopped onions, two tablespoons of Qorma paste, and 200g of Basmati rice (uncooked). Well, that’s not how you cook Qorma.

Then a lot of stirring can be seen in the video and then adding one chicken stock cube. After this, 500ml of water is added, and 75g of raisins.

The ingredients are mixed and brought to a boil for 5 minutes, with the chef is seen suggesting that if it is dry, you can add more water and let it cook for 10 more minutes.

And to our utter surprise, the chef adds spinach leaves, some pine nuts, and yogurt to the dish, followed by coriander leaves for garnishing.

Our Desi netizens responded to this video which ensued in a culinary war on Twitter. But the response is unstoppable and hilarious.

Take a look at some reactions

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