New Zealand Announces Residency Visa for Nurses

New Zealand recently made an announcement regarding the Residency visa situation for doctors and nurses.

New Zealand stated that it will give immediate residency visa to immigrant doctors and nurses.

Nation’s immigration minister, Michael Wood also mentioned that this changed policy will be implemented on the 15th of December in 2022.

Moreover, Michael Wood suggested that by 15th of December, specialist doctors and nurses will be eligible to apply for New Zealand’s Residency visa immediately.

New Zealand’s government made changes in the immigration policy program because of an acute shortage of doctors and nurses in the healthcare system.

According to a research, there is a 60% drop in the number of nurses applying for New Zealand’s immigration. Nurses and Doctors prefer to apply for other countries rather than New which has created a shortage in the country.

Some critics suggest that this shortage has happened because New Zealand doesn’t offer enticing benefits to healthcare professionals which is why specialists are not applying for the island nation.

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