Our Workforce is Our Strength – CEO Indus Motors

Recently a major car company, Indus Motors the biggest dealer of Toyota in Pakistan announced that it will shut down its operations for ten days.

Indus Motors made the announcement as the non-issuance of letters of credit by the State Bank caused immense restrictions on imported car parts.

Due to this situation, the automobile company could not move ahead with productive activities in the company.

However, the CEO of Indus Motors, Ali Asghar Jamali stated “Our workforce is our strength, and we will not fire them during this hard time.”

He further mentioned that restrictions on their production activities have been suffering for more than six months.

Jamali added that their company believes in humanity and kindness, and even during difficult times in the past, they did not fire their employees.

He remained hopeful and suggested that “these hard times will pass soon.”

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