President Raisi’s Address Temporarily Hacked Amid Iran Protests

On the 44th anniversary of the Iranian revolution, hackers disrupted a speech by President Ebrahim Raisi as he addressed the public through state-run television.

The hack was carried out by the Iranian group Edalat-e Ali and displayed images with the slogan “Death to Khamenei”.

As the regime focused on showing its support through forced participation in parades and gatherings, the hack was seen as a significant disruption to the government’s efforts to maintain control.

The hacker group also called for people to withdraw from government banks and participate in anti-government protests on February 16th.

Iran is Angry with Saudi Arabia Amidst Protests

In a video posted on the group’s official account, the hackers announced their successful takeover of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting and urged for Khamenei’s death.

They also started a hashtag, #BoycottIRIDay, asking diplomatic missions based in Iran to boycott the anniversary ceremonies.

This hack is just one example of the growing dissent among Iranians and their use of technology to voice their opposition to the government.

The situation remains tense as protests continue and the regime struggles to maintain control in the face of growing unrest.

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