Google Explores AI Tools to Support Journalists

The AI tool, internally named "Genesis," is being considered for assisting journalists

  1. Google explores AI tools to support journalists and enhance their productivity.

  2. Experts are considering “Genesis,” for assisting journalists with headlines and writing styles.

  3. Executives have expressed skepticism about the tool’s potential impact on the journalistic process.

Google is delving into the use of artificial intelligence (AI) tools for writing news articles. This is to enhance productivity and support journalists. The company spokesperson confirmed this development on Wednesday. He revealed that Google is currently in discussions with various news organizations to explore. They will examine how these tools can assist journalists in their work.

While specific publishers were not mentioned, it was reported that Google has been in talks with prominent media outlets.

These outlets include the Washington Post, News Corp. (owner of the Wall Street Journal), and the New York Times, among others.

The AI tools under consideration could offer journalists options for crafting headlines. It will help adopting different writing styles, work efficiency and output. However, the spokesperson made it clear that the AI tools will not replace journalists. Their expertise in reporting, creating, and fact-checking their articles will all make a difference.

He said that these tools are support the streamline writing process.

Internally referred to as “Genesis,” the AI tool has faced some skepticism. Executives had a chance to review it. These critics expressed concerns about the potential disregard for the journalistic process. This is crucial to ensure the accuracy of the news pieces.

Google’s spokesperson highlighted that this exploration of AI tools for journalism is still in its early stages, and the company is actively seeking feedback and input from various media partners to refine the technology.

Regarding language support, inquiries were made about whether the AI tool currently supports Arabic or is limited to English, but there has been no official response from Google on this matter yet.

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This development comes shortly after the Associated Press announced its partnership with OpenAI, the owner of ChatGPT, to explore the use of generative AI in news reporting.

The industry is cautiously adopting this technology, with some media outlets already utilizing generative AI for content creation.

Human and AI-generated content

However, concerns about potential inaccuracies and the challenge of distinguishing between human and AI-generated content have led to a slower adoption rate in the news publishing sector.

As technology continues to evolve, it’s important to strike a balance between harnessing the power of AI to enhance journalism while preserving the essential role of human journalists in delivering reliable and factual news to the public.

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