80 Sugar Mills Receive Show Cause Notice as the Prices increased

The rise of sugar prices is the violation of Competition Act 2010

The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) has issued show cause notices due to nexus and violation of Competition Act 2010. The notices are served to 80 Sugar Mills in the country as the sugar prices are on the rise.

According to the sources, the Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP), upon the request of Sugar Mills, has given some time to respond to the inquiry. Since this is the sugarcane crushing season which is why the sugar mill association asked for time, the hearing of the case will be held afterward.

Earlier this month, the prices were decreased on sugar by Rs20 per Kilogram. The decrease in prices was recorded due to the arrival of “new sugar” in the open market.

However, for the last two months, the prices went up by Rs11 or more per Kilogram as a result of the timely crushing of sugarcane

Previously, the Chairman All Pakistan Sugar Mills Association, Iskandar Khan, asked the government to prevent sugar smuggling and take severe actions against those who are responsible for high prices and to decrease the sugar price while maintaining it at the same rate.

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