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The Coronavirus cases occurred in the last 24-hour

The government of Pakistan has updated the number of people affected by the global pandemic and provides the report of the cases that emerged on Tuesday.

According to the stats published on the government of Pakistan on their website, the coronavirus confirmed cases amount to 2,459 in the last 24 hours while the deadly virus took 7 lives in Pakistan in 24 hours, the recovered cases are 1614 and 34551 people have been tested. The critical patients under observation are 39.

The Province wise cases

In Sindh, the total number of cases have been reported around 196,962, in KPK 52,787, in Punjab 128,138, in Balochistan 17,771, in Islamabad 35,045 and virtually 7,750 / 4,793 cases have occurred in AJK/GB.

The global virus that broke out from Wuhan, the first case of coronavirus was reported in 2019 and took its toll on people in March 2020.

So far the number of affected has mounted to hundreds to thousands in Pakistan alone.

The total number of confirmed cases, deaths, recovered, tests, and critical cases 

The total confirmed cases are 443,246

The total Deaths are 8,905

The total number of patients who recovered from the virus are 386,333

The total number of the tests that were administered are 6,098,771

The total number of critical cases are 2,495

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