Ertugrul falls in love with Pakistan and is ready to work here

The famous Turkish series celebrity is surprised to see overwhelming love and is ready to work in Pakistani dramas

Karachi: Diriliş: Ertuğrul’s hardcore fans were excited as they heard the news of Engin Altan Duzyatan, the main lead of the historical Turkish series, arriving in Lahore on Thursday.

The lead actor arrived in Pakistan for two days at the invitation of a private organization. 

In a press conference held on Thursday, the famous Turkish drama celebrity thanked the Prime Minister for suggesting the TV series. He also thanked the ardent viewers of the Ertugrul Drama for loving his character and praising his acting.

The star was awe-inspired to see so much love and adoration for him in Pakistan as fans sprayed him with affection and greeted the Ertugrul star with open arms.

When asked about acting in the Pakistani industry, Altan showed his interest in working here saying, “if you have a good story for me, why not?” and his zealots couldn’t be more excited.

According to the sources, the star has expressed excitement about seeing Pakistan and meeting all his fans too.

During his media talk, the Turkish star said that he knew Pakistani people love me but “I did not expect this” he exclaimed, while pointing at the large crowd, “I hope this Turkish and Pakistani brotherhood will be continued” he added. He left the crowd in awe as he spoke some Urdu words like, “Lahore, Lahore hai”.

Altan is a protagonist of the ongoing Turkish series who took the Pakistani audience by storm through his remarkable acting and good looks.

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