Fuel Delivery Ship targeted in Saudi Arabia

Luckily no casualties occurred in the incident

The fuel delivery ship was targeted on Monday by an explosive-charged boat in Saudi Arabia, confirmed the Ministry of Energy of the Kingdom.

The Singapore-flagged owner of the oil tanker reported that he had been hit by a blast in the Jeddah fuel terminal during a “terrorist” strike.

In a statement, shipping company Hafnia said on Monday that all 22 sailors on board the BW Rhine had survived without damage. The company cautioned that any oil might spill from the blast site while the company said, adding parts of the ship’s hull had been destroyed.

A ministry spokesman said that the assault ensued a small fire which was extinguished quickly. Luckily no casualties occurred as a result of the incident, neither was there any harm done to the unloading facilities, nor any supplies.

If Yemen’s Houthi mutineers were the perpetrators, this would mark a paradigm change in both targeting capabilities and purpose, Some analysts have concluded.


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