Government’s days are numbered: Maryam Nawaz

LAHORE: Maryam Nawaz once again denounced PTI’s government while addressing the rally she is leading through several parts of Lahore and admonished Imran Khan saying that his government is about to end. 

The PML-N vice president was speaking to a crowd when she made the statement about IK’s government. People were gathered in Lahore’s NA-128 constituency to show their support to the PDM’s rally.

Fayyaz Chohan, Punjab minister, responded to Mrs Safdar’s criticism, saying that she was vexed at the PDM’s uninspired performance in past political gatherings and ended up lashing out at the prime minister. 

Maryam ridiculed Khan’s statement he recently made in which he claimed his government would not come in PDM’s way, preventing it from holding a rally on Sunday. She accused the government of not allowing tents and chairs at the venue and asked the crowd, “do you need chairs?” while mocking PM’s statement. 

Maryam also claimed that the next rally will decide the fate of the government and said, “it will be ‘Aar ya Paar’ on 13 December”. 

However, the details of this statement are still unknown to the public as she chooses to remain silent on that.

The PML-N vice president continued lashing out at the prime minister and suggested a new name for him saying, “I have come up with Khan’s new name ‘Taabidar Khan’, I will call him that as of now.” 

She also urged the people of Lahore saying that, “the responsibility to topple IK’s government has fallen on the shoulders of Lahore”.

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