Huawei 5G Ecosystem Conference emphasizes Business, Social and Economic Value

Karachi: Huawei, held the sixth annual 5G Ecosystem Conference in the Middle East on the sidelines of GITEX Technology Week 2020

Huawei is no stranger to the people as it’s known as a leading supplier in the world of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) networks and smart gadgets.

The conference highlighted innovations relating to the 5G environment of the Middle East, with a special emphasis on exploring problems related to creative 5G technologies and implementations for different industries.

The role of 5G in the development of digital transformation and its market importance to providers, authorities, and industries. The conference also discussed the complexities of improving the region’s 5G ecosystem and the opportunities for public and private sector collaborations to maximize 5G advantages in all areas.

The conference was also graced by industry experts from all around the world, Includes telecommunications providers, market experts, leading firms, and numerous technological partners in the 5G ecosystem.

Many of the debates centred on the socio-economic value of making 5G a commercial success; something that is highly important at the time of COVID-19, when the pandemic has intensified the need for smooth, secure connect for individuals and companies alike.

Several countries in the Middle East were among the first round of 5G commercial releases worldwide beginning in 2018. In GSMA’s 2020 study “Mobile Economy Middle East & North Africa,” the telecommunications industry body predicts that there will be 60 million mobile 5G links around the country by 2025, with USD 70 billion spendings on broadband rollouts in the region between 2019 and 2025.

Vanness You, VP of Huawei ME Marketing and Solutions, CNBG, said “With a new year ahead and a desire for great times to come, emerging technology such as AI, cloud computing, and 5G will play a vital role as a powerful engine of socio-economic stability and economic growth.”

He further mentioned, that 5G, in particular, will be central to societal development during the pandemic and the post-pandemic economic recovery.

“Huawei is committed to partnering with our customers and partners, to engaging in the development of 5G ecosystems and the incubation of innovative manufacturing technologies for different sectors, and to open up collaboration with other platforms such as 5G OpenLab to fulfill market requirements.” continued he.

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