Imran Abbas considers ‘Imran Khan’ the most famous Personality in the world

Imran Khan is more famous and adored in the world says the actor

The Leading actor of the film and TV industry, Imran Abbas has called Prime Minister Imran Khan the most popular personality in the world.

During the question and answer session held by the actor on the social networking site Instagram, when fans asked him various and interesting questions. Imran Abbas revealed what he thinks.

In the same session, an Indian fan inquired, Imran Abbas, “Pakistan main ziyada mashhor aap hi hain, right? (you are the most famous in Pakistan, right?” to which he replied, “Not at all” and continued with his answer saying that Imran Khan is more “famous” and “adored… in the world”.

This positive and beautiful answer of Imran Abbas is going viral on various social media sites and users are also praising the actor for his amazing answer.

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