Indians showered Modi with Shoes and Slippers

This video of Indian PM is making rounds on Social Media

The Modi government, following extremist and anti-Muslim politics, is seen as a threat not only to the region’s enduring stability but also to India’s minorities. That is why extreme anger and frustration are found among the minorities in India, which is also expressed from time to time, against the Modi government.

A video shared on Twitter is evidence enough to prove the hatred against Modi harbouring in the hearts of Indians. Members of the Sikh community, kids, and the elderly can be seen slapping Modi’s puppet with all sizes of slippers in the video.

People are also chanting “Modi Sarkar Murdabad” in the video.

The video came in a response to ongoing farmers’ protests by the people in India who have been protesting for the last 18 days against the anti-farmer agricultural laws passed under Modi’s government. The farmers are demanding that the anti-farmer agricultural laws be withdrawn.

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