Interest free loans for Private schools

Karachi: Good news for the private educational centres as the government announces a relief package for low-fee private schools on Friday. 

The decision came after Zia Batool, chairperson of the Private Educational Institutions Regulatory Authority (PEIRA), met Farah Hamid, who is the Federal Secretary of Education. The pandemic posed a serious challenge for the education sector, which could prove to be extremely damaging in the country’s interest and its younger generation’s future.

As of now, the low-fee private schools are liable to receive interest-free loans while the registration of the private schools is extended for another year.

In the meeting, the delegation raised the issue of financial obstacles that many sectors faced amidst the global pandemic as the entire country was in lockdown. 

The decision to reopen the schools by January was also emphasized in the meeting.

Considering the current situation as the second wave of coronavirus continues to take a toll, the federal board announced the extension of the deadline for admission forms, so no student can be deprived of their basic right to gain an education.

The Secretary of Education said that a summary has been finalised to provide the private schools interest-free loans, which will benefit the education sector in its entirety. 

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