Google outage, a rude awakening

Google applications stopped for less than an hour and people are furious about it

On Monday Google users experienced a brief service outage which prevented them from using google applications like Google Docs, Youtube, and email. 

The ‘Google outage’ as BBC calls it, lasted for less than an hour. The breakdown of applications was not just faced by users in the UK but also across the globe as many complained about the problem accessing Google Drive, Gmail, Maps, Android Play Store, and other frequently used applications.

A plethora of workers who are dependent on Google mobile and desktop applications, notably suffered due to the outage.

Some of them took social media to complain about the issue they just faced saying “I’m sitting here in the dark… because the light is controlled by @Google Home. Rethinking a lot right now”

While others who replied on the same post said, 

“Time to get some Google Candles”.

A user took the opportunity to joke about Google having so much access to our personal data said, 

And just think about how Google must feel, not being able to know what room you’re in right now, or what you are listening to, or what you are watching.”

Another commented,

Although the outage lasted only for a few minutes, it was a rude awakening of how millions of people are relying on Google for everything.


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