Watch Total Solar Eclipse via Livestream

Sky watchers can tune into the YouTube channel streaming live to enjoy the view

The total solar eclipse of 2020 has started at 6:34 pm according to Pakistan’s standard time. Millions of people are relishing the moment through online platforms like youtube and Facebook.

This spectacular scene is partially visible from the Pacific, Atlantic, Antarctica,  most of South America, southern parts of Africa, and the Indian Ocean while people from Chile and a few parts of Argentina are able to witness a complete eclipse.

The last eclipse of 2020 will end at 11:53 pm

Solar eclipses take place as the moon begins to move as seen from Earth in front of the sun. When the moon blocks the whole sun and causes a complete eclipse, while it often covers half of the sun in a partial eclipse. 

Solar eclipses don’t occur every month since the orbit of the moon is rotated with respect to the sun and is not always lined up with the star.

For skywatchers here is the video from CosmoSapiens youtube channel.

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